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Free CSA Images on French Paper End User License Agreement

Paper Requirement: Free CSA Images are available for use ONLY when printed on French Paper. Printed projects must be comprised entirely of French Paper, including all reprints for printed quantities up to 10,000 impressions. For other uses not printed on French Paper, a license can be purchased through

Limits of Image Download: For each individual, licensee, or company, there is a maximum download of images per day with a limit of images per year. (For example, a company with ten designers can use a total of 100 images per year.) A limit of up to 10 Free CSA Images may be used on a single project or series of products.

Territory: French Paper is not from France, but rather paper made in the USA by the French Paper Company. Free CSA Images on French are available only in the United States Of America. All downloads of Free CSA Images on French are strictly prohibited outside of the USA and will be considered in breach of the site terms and conditions, and a violation of Copyright law under the Berne International Copyright Convention. To license CSA Images for uses not printed on French Paper, or from a territory outside of the United States visit

Term: Free CSA Images on French Paper are free to use on individual projects when printed on French Paper for a one-year term. Each image download may only be used on one single project printed on French Paper. Please read the entire End User License Agreement for complete terms of use.

Products Sold Online: Products using Free CSA Images on French Paper may be sold through retail or wholesale channels, including Etsy and similar sites. Products using Free CSA Images may not be sold through nor posted on print-on-demand sites, including and all other P.O.D. sites and similar software.

Online Use: Projects printed on French Paper using Free CSA Images may be posted online in the context of the printed piece for the limited purpose of promoting or selling the printed end product (up to 600 x 600 pixels in size for the one-year term). The following notice/link is required for online use: ©CSA Images/French Paper.

Image CREDIT: Printed projects or products using Free CSA Images on French require a small adjacent copyright notice as follows: ©CSA Images/French Paper.

Extended Use: For all other uses of CSA Images, including digital, online, and applications not printed on French Paper, please visit for purchase. The CSA Images website contains the entire CSA Images collection, including thousands of full-color images.

Free CSA Images on French Paper Prohibited Uses:

  1. Digital resale or license
  2. Apparel
  3. Electronic displays
  4. Television / Movies / Broadcast
  5. Mobile devices
  6. Electronic templates
  7. Print-on-demand
  8. Framed/mounted posters & prints for sale
  9. As base for new or derivative images
  10. Logos - Non-exclusive use of Free CSA Images on stationery applications is permitted. However, an effective logo should be exclusive to a company or brand and should be created by a design professional. You may not use Free CSA Images as part of a trademark, design mark, trade name, business name, service mark, logo, or any permanent identifier of a company, brand, product, or service.

All Other Uses

To license CSA Images for other uses, including prohibited uses shown above, visit

The Free CSA Images found on represent only a fraction of the entire CSA Images collection. To see the complete CSA Images collection, including over 20,000 color images, visit